Amsterdam One-Day Food Tour Guide: A Culinary Experience

Last Saturday I went with a friend to visit the city of Amsterdam after 7 long years.


I hoped to follow this plan: the Van Gogh Museum, a cute cafè where to drink something hot and relax and the Miffy shop – I wanted to buy the cutest bunny in the official shop.

However, the Van Gogh Museum was fully booked, and the Miffy shop was quite a distance away.


So, my friend and I opted for a different approach and we decided to go with the flow: my friend suggested exploring markets and trying the best apple pie in Amsterdam, while I provided tips on the best fries and cookies. Our Amsterdam One-Day food tour was decided.

Our food tour journey: sweet and savory

We arrived at Amsterdam Centraal at 10:30 am. From there, we walked along Warmoesstraat and Oudezijds Voorburgwal until we reached the historic Oude Kerk, Amsterdam’s oldest building.

Our path then led us through Damstraat to Dam Square, home to the Royal Palace.

We continued our exploration down Kalverstraat, a bustling shopping streets.

Lunchtime arrived, and we tried Vleminckx, renowned for having the “best fries” in Amsterdam. This small shop, selling fries since 1887, offers three sizes: small, medium, and large. The medium costs 3.8€, and you can add one sauce for 0.90€ or two for 1.20€. Though the fries were tasty, I had hoped for a bit more crunch. Overall, the experience with these fries was worthwhile. Arriving early spared us from a long line, and the service was quick.

After our salty lunch, we indulged in something sweet by seeking out the famed Van Stapele cookies. A brief three-minute walk led us to this delightful cookie haven, where we waited 10 minutes for the heavenly cookies served in elegant packaging. Priced at 3€ each or 15€ for a bundle of six, these cookies are a perfect blend of crunchiness and creaminess. The cookie size is also just right.

Amsterdam's Van Stapele cookies
Amsterdam's Van Stapele cookies

The Markets

Feeling quite full after the fries and cookies, we continued our tour. Our next destination was the Noordermarkt, passing by Anne Frank’s House and the Tulip Museum on the way.


I had visited both museums in 2017. Anne Frank’s House is an emotional experience, you can feel the place. It is a must-visit and I recommend booking tickets in advance because you have very few chances to buy at the desk. Also, there is a very long queue before entering in the museum and starting the visit.


The Tulip Museum is a small, nice shop where you can buy tulip bulbs and seeds of other flowers too.


The Noordermarkt is a vibrant market with booths selling vegetables, cheese, fruit, spices, handcrafted jewelry, clothes, and original hats. There were also international booths offering tempting treats, like the danish one with its amazing cakes.


Near Noordermarkt, we joined a queue for what is considered the “best apple pie” in Amsterdam at Café Winkel 43. I waited sitting in a bench, actually, outside the café while my friend did the queue to get the apple pie.

There is also some space inside the café, I think it is easy enough to find a sit, both in or outside the cafè.

Apple Pie at Cafè Winkel 43

A few minutes from Noordermarkt, there is a larger market called Lindegracht, offering similar foods, objects and fabulous flower bouquets. You can also buy a tree brunch for the traditional Easter Tree.


There was a greater variety of food, including bread, cheese, cakes, fish, and meat – in some stands there is the possibility of some tastes. At the end of the market there were stands offering specially middle-east food.


The atmosphere in both markets, held on Saturdays, was enjoyable and cheerful.

Relax after the Food Tour: Westerpark and Fabrique

After hours of walking, we decided to relax in Westerpark, a large park. We strolled near a small lake, took a rest on a bench, and enjoyed the pleasant weather while observing people around us.


Finally, we attended an exhibition at Fabriques Des Lumières called Cosmos, an immersive space experience with intense and emotional music combined with projected videos. You can also take a souvenir picture. While interesting, the exhibition, priced at 17€, was not worth the cost in my opinion. I expected more rooms and a longer duration; everything seemed to last a maximum of 30 minutes.

Destination Cosmos The Immersive Space Experience at Fabrique des Lumière
Destination Cosmos The Immersive Space Experience at Fabrique des Lumière

These photos and the apple pie one were taken by my friend ♥️

In conclusion, our one-day food tour became a highlight of the day, showcasing Amsterdam’s diverse culinary offerings. Whether you’re a fries enthusiast or a cookie connoisseur, Amsterdam’s food scene has something for everyone. I can confidently say that a return to Amsterdam is inevitable, and a visit to Van Stapele for those heavenly cookies will undoubtedly be on my agenda. Also, the cookie can be freezed! 


So, plan your culinary adventure and savor the flavors this city has to offer!



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