Opis is an e-commerce dedicated to selling organic and km0 food in the Lazio region; it works closely with professional and qualified breeders and farmers. Designed for a target audience ranging from 30 to 60, the goal is to spread as much as possible the idea that we can eat well and sustainably at the same time, helping ourselves and the planet.

The name comes from “opis,” a Roman deity, but also very important for the Sabine territories; she is the personification of the earth and abundance.

The name is short, simple and memorable. It is also easy to pronounce.

The choice of the name is based on wanting to underline the tradition

I choose Fraunces Bold for the logotype, a serif which recall the tradition, but it is not too rigid; indeed,  letters are soft to give a sensation of modernity and innovation.


The brand palette is inspired by the colors of the nature. Green, the quintessential color of nature and organic, was chosen as the main color for the logotype; it also conveys feelings of tranquility and emotional security. A warm white was used for contrast, a color that echoes orange, a joyful and cheerful color along with yellow, and the two types of browns to associate them with the earth

icone pois

The icon set was made so that each of them contained at least one element that echoed the leaf of the logotype. There are two versions: color and the monochrome one.
As needed, it is possible to change the color of the icons, but always respecting the palette